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The ProfileCorrect® app, designed for your mobile device, includes the ProfileCommentary® Viewer, and the registration process for ProfileCorrect® Pro.

ProfileCorrect® Pro

Build Trust
  • Customize a ProfileCommentary® template with your data and branding
  • Share verified information (credentials) with consumers to build trust prior to meeting, or at meeting time
  • Receive real-time, associate specific feedback from consumers

ProfileCorrect® API

  • Use the ProfileCorrect® API to ensure users are who they purport to be during your system registration process, or system access process


1. Download

Download ProfileCorrect's free App

2. Update Policy

Update visitor policy and request professional visitors register with ProfileCorrect.

3. Get Notified

Receive notifications on your mobile device when visitors arrive at your location.

4. Peace of Mind

View visitor's verified identity and relevant professional credentials before you interact.

About Us

ProfileCorrect LLC was established in 2014. We are passionate about the accuracy of our validation process, and committed to providing a useful platform that helps people with their interactions in-person and online. We embrace diversity and welcome unique perspectives. We treat each other with respect and dignity, and hold ourselves accountable to that standard. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you for years to come. 

Thank you,
ProfileCorrect® Management Team

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